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Blog feature:

In September 2007 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) after just 2 weeks of being very unwell. I had gone to A&E and was promptly seen, hooked up to an IV due to dehydration and whisked away for a colonoscopy. My entire colon was full of ulcers, so I was immediately admitted for IV hydrocortisone. A week later I had emergency surgery to remove my colon.

I was someone who was never sick, so being admitted to hospital, tests, surgeries, sepsis, ileus, NG tubes, being drip fed and needing a Physiotherapist to help me walk again had been pretty traumatising. I was only 19 and up to that point my life had very much revolved around me having a good time, and the only thing I’d had to worry about was a few spots on my face!

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