Time for a new bag? UK ostomy manufacturers!

Have you always used the same bags? With my first ileostomy, the brand given to me in the hospital were the ones I continued to use. I wasn’t even made aware that there were others out there! I knew there were different shapes and sizes, but I thought they were made by the same manufacturer. The second time, I wasn’t keeping the stoma long enough to bother.

If you are keeping your ostomy permanently, or for a good amount of time, it’s worth looking at what is available. There could be bags out there which suits your needs, or that can help with any issues you have, much better than your current ones!

I have compiled a list of UK ostomy manufacturers that you can order free samples from:
Salts healthcare 
Peak medical: Sample requests to Sebastian - Email: info@peakmedical.co.uk

Additional (sprays, barriers etc)
I'd love to know how you get on with them!

It’s worth noting that unless you are feeling patient, it might not be wise to order samples from multiple manufacturers at the same time. I spent a whole morning perusing websites, and choosing which bags I would like to sample. I had issues with multiple sites so I had to email them with the product codes to request the samples.

Hollister, CliniMed and OakMed also followed up with a phone call/email asking questions before they would send samples “to ensure we know the correct size/fit to send”, after I’d been through the website and ordered the colours and sizes I specifically wanted already based on my needs.

OakMed refused to send samples because I hadn’t had surgery yet, despite explaining to them that I have had an ileostomy on two occasions already so I already knew the size my stoma was likely to be (and had ordered samples to cut myself anyway so this was irrelevant), and the issues I had experienced in the past that I wanted rectifying etc. I explained to all manufacturers that I wanted to do the ostomy prep "legwork" now so that I could focus solely on recovery after surgery, because as soon as I feel well enough, I will be returning to work, so ordering samples in advance was better for me. No other manufacturer had an issue with this.  

CliniMed also said, “You have also requested items from our Welland website but what I will do is send the ones you requested only from the CliniMed website for the moment.” Why? I do not know…

Best of luck!