Self-care series | Tracking your symptoms

Tracking your symptoms will enable you to give a good overall view of everything during your appointments, or alert you of the need to book an earlier one.

The easiest way to ensure you’re on top of this is to keep track with either a paper diary or a simple symptom tracker on your mobile. You can download a printable paper diary here, or search the World Wide Web for alternatives.
There are so many symptom trackers to choose from, and let's be honest - you take your phone everywhere with you, including to the toilet, so this is probably the easiest method, plus many of the apps come with pretty charts, and who doesn’t like a pretty chart?!

Simply go to your app store and search ‘IBD tracker’, then choose the one which seems the most relevant and includes all of the specifics that you want to track. Many of them come with handy pill reminders too, so you never forget your vital medication!