RELIABLE resources for Crohn's and Colitis research

We live in an age where anybody and everybody is online, and they can write whatever they like. People often post statements and opinions that appear to be facts, when they are not. Bloggers are everywhere, and so are news/insight channels. Nobody is vetting the majority of these sources, and a lot of the people posting on them only know their own truth, and there is very little fact checking going on!
I am a fact checker, so I don’t post on my blog, or #IBDSuperHeroes blog unless I know something is correct. To check facts, you need to know which sources are trustworthy! I would like to urge people, any people; patients, bloggers and advocates alike to check their facts.

I would also urge you to consider the date of the information you are reading. Medical/diagnostic tools and technology are evolving so quickly that more recent studies may have been carried out which are much more accurate than those carried out just a few years ago.

Here is a list of reliable resources, please do use these if you are ever in doubt! You will notice this list contains no charities or bloggers, simply because I wanted to ensure this list would always be reliable, and even us fact-checkers can make a mistake from time to time!

This is not a comprehensive list! Other medical information sites and medical journals exist online.