My mum on BBC Radio Derby, talking me, IBD and raising some awareness

Here's the audio from BBC Radio Derby yesterday, where my mum was doing me (and the IBD community) proud, and raising IBD awareness!

The chat was about me, and what life with Ulcerative Colitis is really like. Plus IBDSuperHeroes, Cure Crohn's Colitis, Pride of Britain and even a little GYBO. For those of you not in the know, #GetYourBellyOut was my first baby

SOME bits are not factually correct (e.g. bi-weekly antibiotic infusions, but, what normal person knows what a biological infusion is anyway?) I couldn't do the interview because I'm too much of a pussy, so she did SO MUCH BETTER than I could have done!

Since Pride of Britain, and hating every second, the fear of doing anything like this stresses the fuck out of me, and like mammy says in the interview, I don't like the fuss!

So do give it a listen, (and a share) and be warned, only nice comments are acceptable! If you make a shitty comment, and you're unfortunate enough for me to know where you live, you'll find out the exact consistency of my stool, because that's my mam alright, and she did a good fucking job!