Yes I have IBD, but Ynot go to a festival?

Other than getting fed up of seeing stupid, off their tits teenagers and the fact that I am not really a fan of people full stop, and there were sooo many of them, I had a fantastic time at Ynot festival!

Pitched the tent as close to the toilets as possible - standard! It was also pouring with rain when we arrived - also standard.

Truth be told, lack of phone signal sucked... food was overpriced and mainly disgusting and I actually did miss the man in my life LIKE CRAZY the whole time (which was, quite frankly unexpected)! The portaloos were the worst I have EVER seen by far and there was not one time the whole weekend when any I went to had toilet paper! Of course I was prepared but that's not the point!

I had a few hours one morning to myself... just to be away from people. I got up early and sat on the grass whilst there weren't many others up. The joy of not being a drinker is not hangover!

Noel Gallagher was brilliant (when he was playing Oasis tracks) and Madness were fantastic!