Dear inappropriate lady with your colostomy bag at the pool today... WOW

I refrained from commenting as all I had were curse words, but, I'm calmer now.

IBD is an inappropriate and inconvenient disease for those that live with it. It's inappropriate to leave the table at mealtime or drop your shopping in a store to run to the toilet. It's inappropriate to live your life around bag changes, the nearest toilet, sore skin, leakages, blockages and in constant fear of being judged.

Quite frankly having an ostomy is often a hindrance to those living with it but it's far better than the alternative - death. We know they aren't pretty but we also have to live with the hand we've been dealt and it takes courage to be able to bare your battered and broken body to the world and say "this is me." *claps for the lovely lady by the pool*

After having a lot of life stolen by a disease, why should someone then not live the rest of it when they are able? Not take sun holidays or have sweat to death by the pool?

This inappropriate man with his inappropriate remarks just proves we have a long way to go to remove the stigma of life saving appliances.