Sometimes the world is just too loud

I am not much of a social butterfly at the best of times, I even refuse to leave the house without wearing headphones in the hope that it will deter people from trying to start some form of communication with me.

Headphones are my lifeline. My 'go to' relief when I need to de-stress on an ordinary day. On the way to work, they make the journey feel shorter and they wake me up and help me feel prepared and ready for the day ahead. When I'm cleaning they make the task much easier (although longer as I dance with the hoover).
Sometimes the world is just too loud.

Sometimes even in a silent room, my thoughts are deafening.

It's worse when I'm poorly. I'm not a good talker so I just cut off. It's not because I have no one to talk to because I do, I just choose not to.

I don't know where to start or whether I'll make it to the end. I don't know if I can share my thoughts and bare that part of me to someone. I can't deal with sympathy from people, or pity.

So today I am going to turn up the volume, drown out the noise of life and just dance.