Ostomy reversal surgery - in pictures

I tried to write a hospital diary during my last surgery - just five months ago, but it didn't go very well. I ended up far too poorly to write, and then I couldn't remember everything that had happened.

I decided I would document my stay in pictures this time. Fortunately, it was a short one!

Advanced nutrition plan!
Four bottles between 4pm and 8pm on Tuesday evening, and two before 6am on Wednesday morning - surgery day. I was up at 5.20am drinking, packing and having a bath. One HAS to have a bath at the last possible second when you're going to be naked in theatre!

Set off for the hospital at 9am.

There was a long wait at the hospital, sat around in my gown and stockings...

Far too much time to think! I was still wondering whether I should be having my Jpouch connected back up.

Ooopsie, clumsy nurse!

I'm in, then I'm out, and it's all over! No, there was no shaking it all about. I know you were wondering.

New PJs on. A cup of tea. New belly out! 

No sleep - too bright!! Plus, too many people pooing, vomiting, snoring, and shouting...

Free from drips! The cannula is coming out today, and I can eat. I go outside and FaceTime my lovely Gemmy.

Friday morning and I'm free to go, with what looks like a bullet wound! Meds came, dressings changed, just waiting for my lift. 

|Off to my mummies for a little R & R!