Ostomy reversal surgery - in pictures

I tried to write a hospital diary last time which didn't go very well as I was far too poorly a lot of the time to write and then couldn't remember everything!

This time my very short stay has been documented in pictures instead

Advanced nutrition plan! 4 between 4 & 8 Tuesday evening and 2 before 6 Wednesday morning. I was up at 5.20am drinking, packing and having a bath.

Set off at 9am.

A long wait at hosp, sat in my gown and stockings...

Far too much time to think! 

Ooopsie, clumsy nurse!

PJs on, cup of tea and of course new belly image! 

No sleep. Too bright!! Too many people pooing and vomiting and snoring and shouting...

Free from drips! Cannulars coming out today and I can eat. I go outside and FaceTime my lovely Gemmy.

Friday morning and I'm free to go. Meds bought, dressings changed and waiting for a lift. 

To my mummies for a little R & R!